Video Services
  • Inside MassArt's Film/Video Department 2012
  • 04:05
  • Done as a class project to promote the MassArt Film & Video Program. A primary objective of the assignment was learning to light subjects. I was responsible for concept, writing, directing and coordinating supporting class roles on shoot days. I independently created animations and edited all footage and audio.
  • Writing / Cameras / Lighting / Sound / Animations / Editing
Corporate Video Services
  • My Brother's Keeper 2013
  • 12:22
  • This project was created as an informational piece for a charity organization based in Easton, Massachusetts. The final piece was presented as the centerpiece of fund raising dinner event attended by approximately 200 attendees. I was responsible for all production including voice-over recordings and composing and performance of original music.
  • Cameras / Animation / Titles / Sound / Original Music


Animation Services
  • Do Over Intro
  • 00:22
  • Created as the introduction to a show about three roommates who got blasted through a wormhole into their recent past. Animations created in After Effects. Composed and performed original music.
  • Concept / Writing / Animation / Original Music
  • Changes
  • 01:11
  • Created as an assignment for an After Effects class to explore the 3-d camera tool.
  • Writing / Animation / All Voices
Promotional Video Services
  • Junior Showcase Intro
  • 01:02
  • Created as the introduction to MassArt's Film / Video Junior Class Show.
  • Animation / Music / Sound Design / Voices


Typograhic Animation Services
  • Get Your Shoot Together
  • 00:12
  • Created as a bump to promote MassArt's Film / Video Sophomore Year Show. Animated in After Effects. Original sound design.
  • Animation / Sound Design
Professional Camera Man
  • Montage Defined
  • 00:39
  • Created as an assignment for a video production class. The objective was to explore and explain the concept of montage. Animated in After Effects.
  • Animation / Sound Design / All Voices
Corporate Animation Services
  • Bird Show Intro
  • 00:15
  • Created as the introduction to a sketch comedy show that has nothing to do with birds. Animated in After Effects.
  • Animation / Original Music


  • Loafers Trailer
  • 01:31
  • Created as an assignment for a video editing class. Shot using a green screen and composited using After Effects. Original script and music.
  • Writing / Cameras / Animation / Music / All Voices
Production Artist
  • Chocolate Milk
  • 02:27
  • A music video to the 408's hit single entitled, "Chocolate Milk." Responsible for concept, music, video, and editing. I am featured as the middle rapper.
  • Writing / Cameras / Music / Rapping
Event Videography
  • Cat Movie
  • 04:58
  • One of my early movies. Responsible for scripting, video, music, and acting (the one getting chased).
  • Cameras / Music / Sound Design / Acting
Professional Video
  • You Are Me
  • 08:11
  • Created as an assignment for a visual language class at MassArt. Responsible for scripting, video, music, sound design, and acting (Robot Policeman)
  • Cameras / Music / Sound Design / Acting


Film Production
  • Demo Reel
  • 01:36
  • Short examples of recent video and animation work.
  • Cameras / Animation / Editing / Original Music
Film Artist
  • North Carolina
  • 01:38
  • A music montage documenting a trip to North Carolina. Responsible for all shooting, editing, and music.
  • Concept / Cameras / Original Music / Editing